Cats and doors


The same cartoonist who created the animation of a cat waking up his owner has done another, called Let me in. Again he captured the essential characteristics of felines. Malo does the very same things: he’ll go outside, then scratch on the door window and meow for me to let him back in. If I take more time than usual, because I’m on the phone, for instance, he’ll throw a meowing and claw-screeee-ing fit, sometimes even jumping onto the window and screeeeeee-ing his way down. In a variation on the plant-against-the-door tactic of the cartoon cat, Malo will begin munching on my plants to get my attention, since he knows it unnerves me to no end.

When I open the door, Malo then does exactly the same thing as the cartoon cat. He sits outside, looks at me quizzically as if to say, “why’d you open the door? I’m perfectly content out here,” and often enough, rather than come inside, he walks away to do some more pigeon-gazing.

(I’m home ill again. Again. This time I have antibiotics, so hopefully my tenacious sinus infection will finally go away for good.)

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  1. /anne... Says:

    Sinus? You too? Mine’s been going for a few weeks now; I just can’t shake it. Doctors here (Australia) refuse to hand out antibiotics for sinus infections; they tell me to take some pseudoephedrine (?), which does nothing but give me insomnia :-(.

  2. fraise Says:

    My doctor was reticent to give me antibiotics too (if it makes you feel any better?!), but after three weeks she decided it was best. Even after the antibiotics my sinuses are still good and plugged… but at least they’re not draining anything colorful any more!

    Insomnia is terrible enough on its own, even worse with a sinus infection, ugh :-/

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