Red teapot

Red teapot

The neatest little basic teapot was for sale in my favorite antique store. I couldn’t resist its curved simplicity and its red! I plan on replacing the old glass ceramic hob (cooktop for US English speakers) in my new apartment with an induction hob, so this metal teapot will be perfect for boiling water on it. There’s a commercial and North America-centric induction site here with better photos of hobs/cooktops. For the France-curious, one of the biggest chains for home electronics and appliances is Darty (“Gros ménager” is where you find the appliances). It’s the nearest to me, so I’ll likely be buying there. Castorama is another well-known home improvement store, and Habitat, although not French, has beautiful designs. I plan to get a bed from Habitat, and it’s going to be hard to keep myself from redoing the bathroom and kitchen in furniture from them — the temptation is strong.

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  1. Elizabeth Cessac Says:

    Great red tea pot. I like touches of red in my kitchen.

    Denver, CO

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