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Saturday 29 March 2008, in Gardening, Journal, La France

"Sarah Bernhardt" peony

Translation: “Strawberry has strawberries.” Hmm… Strawberry strawberries strawberried Strawberry strawberries. English is great. Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo! But I digress.

I was browsing a “nature products” store here (Nature et Découvertes) last week, waiting for a bank wire to come in that finally arrived this morning, and noticed they had a wild strawberry kit. At €16.50 I didn’t think it was worth it, so used the free inspiration to go to my favorite gardening store near Cours Saleya in Vieux Nice. Every time I’ve gone there they’ve been friendly and helpful, advising about plants and diagnosing the fungus malady that ravaged my maple tree last year — as seen in this photograph, my red maple is now healthy again. The store is Fiol Graines et Semences, 12 rue Alexandre Mari.

Their strawberry plants were only €1.50 a piece, or a tray of six plants for €6, and they had five different varieties from which to choose. Some strawberry varieties only give fruit once a year, while others produce throughout the summer and autumn. I chose these everbearing Ostara plants because their fruit is small (and tasty), and they do well in flower boxes. I could only find a commercial link about them: ostara strawberries.

To my delight, also in the store were peonies of all sorts! I fell in love with the flowers last year when I bought a bouquet of peonies on Cours Saleya. I decided on the “Sarah Bernhardt” variety shown in the photo above. It looks gangly now, but it’s still only March. I chose it because I liked the tree peonies less, and it says “pink” (rose) on the tag. Apparently the Sarah Bernhardt peony is a lovely one!

The owner also said they’d have tillandsia in another two weeks. My current apartment is going to be overflowing with plants before my move… (early spring is a great time to find plants.)

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