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Thursday 19 June 2008, in Cats, Gardening

My cat is... weird

This is my cat. As you can see, he may pretend to be sweet and snuggly and sleepy and all that most of the time, but in reality, he’s a stealer of souls and strikes when you least expect it.

Today I had to phone about my refrigerator, which, bizarrely enough, decided it no longer wanted to keep things cold three days ago, the same day we had public transport strikes. Naturally, I first tried to explain to it that it’s not a tram, nor a bus, nor a train. Then after trying different thermostat settings to no success, and checking the back for damage (it has plenty of room on the sides, behind and above it), I gave in and called technical assistance today. One of the things they asked was the temperature inside my place. Keep in mind that in this part of the world, Celsius is used. I answered “75”, which is only 25 degrees from boiling water in centigrade. The technician went “QUOI ?!” (“WHAT?!”) Realizing my mistake, I laughed and said I was American, so had read the Fahrenheit side of my thermometer without thinking. In Celsius it was 24. The tech had a good laugh. Someone’s coming tomorrow; perhaps they can talk my refrigerator back into behaving.

Not so weird, but surprising to me, one of my four-leaf clover plants is now flowering.

3 responses to “Weirdness”

  1. delaïdo Says:

    It’s always so disappointing when a new appliance doesn’t work.
    Within a week of our new dryer arriving, it was making awful noises and wouldn’t work properly. So disappointing! It turned out that the dryer was not installed correctly because the positive and neutral wires had been crossed by the installation crew…oops… thereby causing an electrical charge to run through the casing of the dryer!

  2. fraise Says:

    Yowzers! That’s quite the mistake for professionals! I guess they’d been blinded by habit…

  3. Zuleme Says:

    Malo has a very interesting face. He looks different from any other cats I have photographed. I wonder what breeds are in there eh?

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