Summer has arrived

Author: fraise

Friday 20 June 2008, in Gardening, Nice

Clover flower opening

After three months of on and off rain, which is not at all normal for Nice (usually the late spring-early summer rains only last about a month), the sun has finally started to heat up the city.

As I’d hoped, the technician was able to coax my refrigerator back into behaving this morning. There was oil blocking the coolant from circulating properly; he didn’t really know why, though it could be simply because it’s new. I hadn’t turned it on right after delivery (you’re supposed to let it sit for a few hours, but in any case I had no electricity), so something else must have caused a hiccup.

My clover plant is very much into flowering now. The blossoms don’t stay open all the time — I’ve noticed they open in the morning, then close for a few hours and reopen in the early afternoon, but only briefly. There’s also a picture with a furry clover leaf (kitty likes to browse my plants) and a photo of lavender flowers.

2 responses to “Summer has arrived”

  1. Ty Huls Says:

    I think this year is very great for you. That will be the reason that the sun has started heating the city so early and now your flowers will also starts blloming early which also blooms your face.

  2. delaïdo Says:

    Pretty photo of clover flowers with nice bokeh!
    (interesting comment from Ty)

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