Joie de vivre

Author: fraise

Saturday 6 September 2008, in Cats, Gardening

Grass, delicious grass

This is truly a photo that speaks for itself.

These are pots of grass I planted for Kanoko — real wheat seeds I found in the seed for sprouts section of an organic grocery market here (Diététique Malausséna). This way I have a big bag of seeds that I can replant as often as needed. Kanoko loves his pots of grass: he’ll sit on them and enjoy himself.

Today I got Kanoko a harness, and am delighted — he understood it wasn’t a toy after just two “no”s when he tried playing with the lead, and then trotted around the apartment building hallway without a problem. As soon as he’s less wary of the hallway we’ll venture further. Malo abhorred the harness I tried on him as a kitten… even after several patient, gentle tries he would wail and fight it so energetically that I could never get the lead on. It’s great that Kanoko seems to accept a harness! I would love to walk him on weekends.

5 responses to “Joie de vivre”

  1. Bouks Says:

    He is really precious!

  2. delaïdo Says:

    Cats, especially kittens, are one of the best things in life.

    Our Maine Coon cat Simon died on Friday. It was sudden. My heart is broken.

  3. fraise Says:

    Oh no!! It’s so hard when it’s sudden, you have no time to prepare and then they’re gone… that was the hardest for me with Malo. And now that I know how utterly sweet Maine Coons are (Malo was sweet, but good grief, Kanoko is the most adorably affectionate kitten I’ve ever had), I can only imagine how much you must miss Simon :/

  4. Zuleme Says:

    Fergus adored wearing the harness and going exploring. He would quiver with happiness when I got it out and leao up to the door. Now, H and R can go out all day in their very large enclosure but before them I walked Fergus for hours.
    I’d be afraid of dogs though if I was walking a cat outside. He looks like such a treasure.

  5. kira Says:

    your precious little Kanoko is a heaven incarnate.Cats always fasinates me most with their melancholy gaze and mysterious temperament.

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