Kitten or cat?!

Author: fraise

Sunday 5 October 2008, in Cats, Gardening, Journal, La France


Kanoko turns four and a half months old about now. Here he posed for the camera this morning, and I photographed him blissfully scratching a yucca stump a bit later. Originally I’d planned to pull out the big yucca, but Kanoko loves its stumps so much that I’ve kept it. It’s now regrowing leaves from the tops of the stumps.

Since Malo passed away only two months ago, I still remember how big he was, and can hardly believe that Kanoko has nearly reached Malo’s size at such a young age. Kanoko’s face has really filled out, his whiskers (chopped off by the people who abandoned him) are nice and long now, and his tail is beautiful. He certainly does look very “Maine Coon”. His paws still seem to be growing more quickly than the rest of him! (There’s a photoset of Kanoko that shows his development since my kind neighbor asked if I’d take care of him two months ago.)

There are also pictures of the bougainvillea and other plants on my terrace, including a baby rose plant that surprised me when I found it this morning. My cyclamen are looking to be beautiful again this year, and my lemon tree has been blooming up a storm lately: lots of lemons to come!

As for the crazy neighbor who threatened to kill Kanoko, all has been well since I went to the police, and put up the finer-grade wire on my terrace. I later gave the police report to people in her building, who spoke with their building management about it — it’s far from being the first report that’s been filed against her. Ever since, I’ve made a point of using my terrace normally and ignoring her whenever she came out. She’s stopped going outside very often and no longer bothers trying to scream at me (she never talked normally, only screamed — it’s not an exaggeration that we call her “crazy”, it truly seems that she is mentally ill, which is sad). So Kanoko is fine, I’m fine, and it’s wonderful to have such a quiet terrace.

3 responses to “Kitten or cat?!”

  1. delaïdo Says:

    You betcha he looks like a big, beautiful Maine Coon! Does he like to be brushed? I love how gentle Maine Coons are, gosh darn it.
    Since our Maine Coon died a month ago, we done gone adopted a stray kitten, too! He is a 6-month old Korat (mix?). He is very attentive and affectionate, so it seems like he will make a heck of a companion. However, I’m still partial to Maine Coons, ya know?

  2. fraise Says:

    Hehe :) He loves to be brushed, yes, and also loves playing with water! He keeps getting in my sinks whenever there’s water in them or just water running.

    Ooh, Korats look beautiful. That’s great you got a new kitty!

  3. Nataly Says:

    Very nice and big cat. Speaking about brashing – mostly Maine Coon cats like that, and may stay on their place very-very long minutes. As people say: “Beauty need sucriface” :-)

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