A quiet Sunday in Nice

Author: fraise

Sunday 14 December 2008, in Journal

That was interrupted, as usual (as nearly always), by my neighbor. She had started off by yelling “une belle fille bien baisée ! Va te faire foutre, connasse !” at which point I went to get my camera phone, since Kanoko was also being adorable as I cleaned my patio/terrace. This is what followed. Mostly it’s kitty being funny, then at 35 seconds in, you get to hear my neighbor for yourself and witness what I put up with (though on a small scale, since it’s worse than just these few seconds, of course).

As can be seen, I’m merely on my patio, playing with my kitten. I do not engage her; I never engage her. Today is the first time I’ve dared to try and film. She noticed: she yelled “moi aussi je peux filmer !!” and she did, which I don’t mind, because she caught herself on camera calling me “connasse !” while I remained silent, playing with my kitten. Kanoko and I went inside after I’d finished the film, since I figured the neighbor would come outside. Indeed, the neighbor lady then stormed out and sprayed my entire wall, window, door and all, with her garden hose.

I’m getting pretty tired of this. I forwarded the video to a neighbor in the abusive neighbor’s apartment building so that their management can be made aware, again. (I realize I’ll need to be more careful than usual now, since the filming pissed her off and may escalate things. I’m hoping, however, that seeing how bad she can be — and this is average, not her worst — will help handle the problem.)

7 responses to “A quiet Sunday in Nice”

  1. Bruce Says:

    Ton Kanoko, il est trop adorable!!! Especially the last part where he’s “hanging on for dear life” to the broom. He’s really a great cat.

    As for your neighbor, it sounds very possible that she might have some psychiatric problems. I’ve got a couple of friends who are both very bright, gifted and compassionate psychiatrists here in Lyon (one’s on staff at a psychiatric hospital, the other runs a psych clinic). I’m supposed to have coffee Wednesday with one of them, and I’ll try and remember to ask him under what circumstances someone can be “commis d’office” to a psychiatric hospital. I do know that under certain circumstances, if someone is considered to be dangerous to themselves and/or to others, and it’s not “purely” a criminal situation, the police can bring the person to a psych hospital where they are involuntarily committed (= commis d’office) to the hospital for a period of time. Generally, the period of time is often not for more than a few weeks, but at least they get psychiatric help, and it’s on record that they have a problem. The help they get can vary greatly depending on the hospital, the treating psychiatrist, time of year, “le type de prise en charge” (I am ze English losing… ;-), etc.

    If you want a response off-line, let me know, and I can get back to you.

  2. hammy Says:

    Thanks for the video! I was in t-mobile’s store trying out phones and I decided to see how your site fared on the phone. Very nice!

  3. fraise Says:

    lol hammy, I can just imagine this being the video you test… hehe :)

    Bruce I’ve sent you an email — thank you for your offer, we’ve been wondering about that possibility!

  4. F Says:

    I wish you get a restraiing order for that bitch :-)

  5. fraise Says:

    Unfortunately they don’t have restraining orders in France. We’re doing what we can to figure this out; it’s been going on for decades according to the complaints registered by people in her building.

  6. c Says:

    Can you get some kind of video surveillance set up? Amazon has some cheapie ones http://www.amazon.com/SVAT-GX5203-Wireless-Portable-Surveillance/dp/B000TG6H6Q/ref=pd_bbs_sr_4?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1229450918&sr=8-4

    We had to build a fence to protect our (leashed) dogs from the neighbor and his (never leashed, even though it’s the law…) dog, so I understand your worry about Kanoko…

  7. fraise Says:

    I’m a single woman living in one of the most expensive cities in the world, and I’m going to have to spend just over 2,000 euros to repair a hidden defect in my apartment (that or spend even more on a lawyer to chase up reimbursement)… I can barely afford to eat right now, much less spend that kind of money on surveillance, even if it is comparatively reasonable. All I can do is keep my cameraphone on me when I go outside.

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