A novel approach to couture

Author: fraise

Sunday 1 February 2009, in Cats, Crafts

A novel approach to couture

Yesterday I bought the latest Burda sewing magazine, as it had a few dress, coat, shirt and blouse patterns that caught my eye. One shirtdress pattern in particular was precisely what I’ve wanted for a while (their version of it sewn). I’ve had a beautiful light lavender check stretch fabric for years now that I couldn’t fit with a pattern, but this shirtdress will be great in it (I won’t be putting in any pockets, however). I’m also completely in love with this simple Empire dress, which I plan to make in a floral too.

I started tracing the pattern pieces yesterday afternoon. Kanoko, as can be seen in that photo, was drowsy and so merely kept an eye on my progress. Today, however, as I laid out the pattern pieces on the fabric, he decided to take things into his own paws… and mouth, as shown above! I probably won’t finish the dress today since I have other errands, but hopefully it will be ready to wear to work in another week.

For readers curious about my mentally ill neighbor, I’m still waiting to hear from “Francine” and so don’t yet know how things went with the judge. Rest assured that I’ll post as soon as I do.

3 responses to “A novel approach to couture”

  1. delaïdo Says:

    I had been wanting a shirt dress for quite a long time. I love them, but could never find one that fit my silhouette quite right. I figured that I’d have to make it myself, but I wasn’t looking forward to the prospect. I don’t like my sewing machine and I hate cutting out fabric… I’m a knitter at heart. However, a couple of weeks ago, I found a shirt dress made of a knitted silk that fit great. Because it is knitted, it stretches in just the right places and has great drape. Also, I love the print- it’s black with white airplanes. I envision myself wearing it while traveling.

  2. zuleme Says:

    I looked at the drawing of the shirt dress and to me it’s interesting that it seems to have a thick waist compared to the hips. If you look at patterns from the 50’s when everyone wore shirt dresses, the waists were tiny. Have we changed that much? I love the idea of a shirt dress but I remember the full skirt ones from those years. They were very pretty and very feminine. Though I would probably never feel like wearing one in my current life.

  3. fraise Says:

    Zuleme if you look at their version of it sewn, you’ll see it’s meant to be cinched with a belt — that way the wider waist blouses above the belt (it’s fitted to the hips below).

    delaïdo knitted silk sounds superb!

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