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Wednesday 22 April 2009, in Cats


The new cat is here, and already with Kanoko — I was given no choice in the matter, the three women who brought him let him out in my living room before I could say anything. It’s going well though, they’ve both got their ears perked forward when they watch each other, even when they hiss and growl. Grey needs antibiotics; I had to use a towel to hold him steady for his pill and he’s chosen that towel to nap on. One of the ladies brought Feliway, so perhaps that’s one reason they’re both at ease.

As I mentioned yesterday, Grey got pretty badly beaten up. I learned more of his story today: he’s originally from Le Cannet (just north of Cannes), and people there knew him and his owner. They saw his owner, a woman, put him out on the streets, and asked her what she was doing — “I don’t want him any more, I’m moving” was the answer. When he was found this Monday, he had a 42°C (108°F) fever and was at risk of death from blood poisoning. He was brought to the vet by a lady who rescues cats, checked for any and all diseases etc., and is fine apart from his infections (being treated with the antibiotics).

Grey is very thin and bony, and his fur is rough due to being on the streets for a while. Le Cannet residents said it’s been about a month or two, rather than the week we first thought. Despite having been abandoned and on the streets, Grey is indeed very gentle and affectionate. He’s already let me brush him and showed me his stomach for petting, and has a lovely deep purr. He’s shown no aggression whatsoever other than the occasional hiss at Kanoko, but even those are rare. I’m looking forward to seeing his transformation as he regains his health!

(As for his name, “Grey” may very well stick with him since he is indeed a striking grey, even his eyes. I had a list of other possible names, Grey not being among them! None of the others fit, though. Update: I’m going to stick with Grey, using “Earl Grey” as his full name. Not terribly original, but most French people recognize it better than just “Grey”!)

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  1. Jojolabanane Says:

    I sent an email earlier thinking that you were no longer going to be using this blog. I am glad that you have continued though as it has allowed me to see your beautiful new addition. I am sure that Grey has found a wonderful home and will soon be settled and on speaking terms with Kanoko. When we introduced our Malo to Bonnie, there was the occasional spit and some under the breath growling, but that soon subsided and now they are the best of pals – although very opposite personalities. Wishing you the very best with your two.

  2. fraise Says:

    I probably won’t have time to write often — mainly I returned because of Grey and his story. I might try updating once every week or two though, I was surprised by the response when stopping and have indeed missed sharing France- and cat-related things.

    Thanks for sharing your cat story! I also enjoyed your email about your Malo. It’s so nice to meet others who care about giving cats in difficult straits new homes.

  3. Adella Says:

    Welcome back and welcome to Grey. Will you call him Grès in French?

  4. fraise Says:

    (I fixed the accent)

    That’s a great idea I hadn’t thought of! And “Grès” fits him too. Thanks Adella, I’ll use your idea :)

  5. Mrs V Says:

    I am so glad to find you again. Missed your blog. Grey is gorgeous and will repay your kindness a hundred-fold. We’ve had our chi-terrier mix for 3 years. She was a street stray picked up by animal control. A family adopted her but returned her within a few weeks because the kids were bored with her(she’s terribly submissive because of her time on the streets). Sweetie was then featured on a tv news program and a woman came all the way across Los Angeles to adopt her. The woman was supposed to return with her other pet to check for compatibility, but never did. We had to wait a few days to adopt her but she’s been our joy ever since.

  6. Simon Says:

    I’m really pleased you are posting again – I’ve missed hearing about Nice and Kanoko. My partner and I own a place in Vieux Nice but sadly we’ve had to rent it out. I dream of Nice everyday and your posts helped me get through grey miserable days in Birmingham (UK), good to have you back. Good luck with Gres.

  7. fraise Says:

    Another couple who share time between Birmingham and Nice?! It’s a very small world indeed, I know others like you!

    And thanks for your comment!

  8. Cheryl Says:

    ooo- Grey POUPON!

  9. zuleme Says:

    Yes to Grey Poupon!
    He is lovely. I read on another American in France blog that when people went on vacation they would drop off their animals in the woods near her house.
    I just can’t fathom it.

  10. menton1 Says:

    Ohhh, Grey and Kanoko are just sooooo cute! Yes, people are crap, how could anyone put that sweet little fellow in the street? You are a wonderful, wonderful person! Any new updates on Grey and Kanoko? Thanks.

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