Colorful boats

Author: fraise

Monday 15 June 2009, in La France, Nice

Boat colors, port of Nice
I also went to the port yesterday, going on foot along the Promenade. Unbeknownst to me, there was a show of cars for the Jean Behra rally, so I was glad I had walked rather than taking the bus.

Nice’s port is lined by colorful buildings and all types of boats can be found there, from cruise ships to NGV (high-speed boats to Corsica) to ostentatious yachts licensed to ports such as Nassau, Cayman Islands and London, to a lineup of school sailboats to small wooden boats painted every color of the rainbow. The two in the closeup here are shown from further away in this picture. I also liked this lavender and bright turquoise boat, as well as the funnily-named M’en bati. In Nice there’s a saying, “m’en bati, sieu Nissart” — “I don’t give a flip, I’m Niçois”, joking with Nice’s strong sense of individuality. Nice was not part of France until 1860, and even that cession was — and still is — strongly debated. Although it’s extremely doubtful that Nice’s inhabitants would ever actually declare their independence, the idea is discussed, and to this nine-year resident’s ears, often seems more like an affirmation of their uniqueness than a true call for secession. (In that sense it is much like Pacific Northwesterners griping about similar issues — see the “Free Cascadia” icon in my sidebar!)

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  1. Jojolabanane Says:

    The saying reminds me of one from my husband’s hometown in Brittany – St Malo. In fact there are 2 sayings “Ni francais, ni breton, malouin suis” or “Malouin d’abord, Breton apres, et francais si il en reste”. By the way, my Malo brought home a mouse this morning and released it alive in the home. So I had to go out and buy a humane mouse trap and hope we can catch it and release it without coming to any harm.

  2. Janet Bandivas Says:

    One of my favorite hobby is boating.
    Colorful boats really attracts attention from people.
    Its gives lively perspective to everyone.
    I remember the moment when we had our boating in
    Plantation Bay,
    That was a great experience for me.
    And also my first boating experience was when i was still in
    elementary. I was with my neighbor that time boating at Yllana Bay.

  3. Hamming Says:

    Those boats are really cool. They both have bright colors. By the way, the picture seems to me like it’s underexposed. If you add more light (i.e. by using some image editing software), I think you pic would be better. I’m not an expert, and it’s just my opinion. Thanks for sharing. ;)

  4. fraise Says:

    Yeah, you’re not an expert. Hamming rhymes with spamming, after all.

  5. delaïdo Says:

    I love the “i.e. by using some image editing software” note. Great value add, Hamming.

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