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Author: fraise

Saturday 11 July 2009, in Home improvement, Journal

My front door, after
In January, we copropriétaires (owners of apartments in our building) voted to redo our building’s sad interior. The exterior had been redone just before I moved in, which was a major selling point for me — un ravalement de façade (façade cleaning, renovation and repainting) is very expensive, but doesn’t need to be done often. As for bargaining points, I was able to lower the price thanks to the electrical hiccups along with the downright ugly state of my entrance and the rest of the building’s interior.

It looks so much better now, it’s incredible. I’ve done a couple other small DIY projects inside my place too, putting a glass shelf in my bathroom and, today, getting a new light fixture for the kitchen. With our big summer sales on now, it was half off at Habitat, which always has nice quality light fixtures. I was very glad to replace the flimsy old wood fixture when I took it out and realized that the previous owners — them again — had bolted the fixture directly into the electrical wire hole. As in, they had drilled a metal screw into the same hole as the electrical wires, using a wood light fixture.

I admit I’m increasingly tempted to call them up and tell them never to touch anything electrical ever again in their lives, because every single electrical fixture they’ve done has been a fire hazard. Not to mention the shower (they built a tile-bottomed shower without waterproofing the bottom) and water heater. Water heaters are supposed to be hung on load-bearing walls. The previous owners hung it on a cheap partition wall. And only used one bracket instead of two. Brilliant. I noticed the water heater issue when I first visited; it will be fixed along with the shower once I can afford all that in a few months, which I’m really looking forward to.

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  1. DC Recruiters Says:

    Seems like your getting a lot of do-it-yourself experience. I don’t know how much you enjoy those types of projects but if they get you down just think of what a valuable skill your building up!

    It’s a good thing you made those safety renovations, I wonder if any of the other apartments in your building have similar shoddy work left over from previous tenants?

  2. fraise Says:

    If you don’t know how much I enjoy these projects, that’s probably because you haven’t read anything else on my site. Most gratuitous spammy commenters don’t. But goodness gracious, don’t let that stop you from patronizing dear little me by assuming I hadn’t done any DIY before this! I only come from several generations of carpenters and construction foremen, who also all built their own homes, what could I possibly have learned about home improvement during my childhood?!

  3. delaïdo Says:

    Be careful, spammy commenter, not only does she know a great deal about DIY, she also knows how to set security restrictions using htaccess.

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