Domesticated lions

Author: fraise

Sunday 2 August 2009, in Cats

Here birdy birdy...
A year and a week ago (on 25 July 2008), Kanoko came into my life. His whiskers had been cut off by his abandoners, apparently a common tactic to further disorient cats. A year later, they’re now long and luxurious! Kanoko is a delight, very affectionate and creative, although he does love to play with (read: destroy) my plants and can be a bit too energetic when tackling his “big brother” Grey.

Grey is starting his fourth month with us, still a calm and very matter-of-fact cat. He loves nothing more than to be petted and cuddled, with a deep motorboat purr that starts as soon as he knows he’s going to get affection. He patiently allows Kanoko to pounce on his back and his tail, and gives a harmless but firm swat or two when he’s had enough. His favorite activity is stretching out on the terrace and napping in the filtered sunlight.

8 responses to “Domesticated lions”

  1. zuleme Says:

    I think of them as Tigers, but you’re right, Kanoko does look Lioney.
    Harper woke me up to sleep in my arms early this morning. I feel so fortunate to have them in my life.

  2. fraise Says:

    I love it when they do that! Kanoko has a bed-time ritual of hopping onto my chest for a good ten-minute purr and cuddle before moving down to my legs to sleep. Grey prefers to snuggle in my arms. Every time I move I have to make sure I don’t smoosh a cat :) They’re such dears.

  3. Jojolabanane Says:

    Just like Zuleme, I always think of mine as tigers, but I also agree that Kanoko has very much the look of a lion. Bonnie sleeps in my arms, but Malo has his place at my feet for a while, and then he takes his place on the window sill to keep guard until morning. Just wanted to add how ‘epanouie’ Kanoko looks.

  4. Heather W. Says:

    I can’t believe it’s been over a year now. What a gorgeous cat he’s grown into and I’m glad he and his brother get along. My older (and first) cat has never warmed to the younger and newer kitty, but we all manage.

  5. Habibi73 Says:

    Hi Anna,

    My husband and I will be in Nice for 1 year. He is attending EDHEC. I know you don’t like to answer too many questions, but I could really use your help regarding pet stores. My husband us arriving with our cat in Nice on Monday, 9/7.
    Once he secures the keys for our apatment, he plans to make a mad dash to buy cat litter and a box. Can you recommend any pet stores? The apartment is located on Rue Saint Philippe.

    Many Thanks!

  6. fraise Says:

    Hi Habibi,

    You can get a litter box at the excellent “Aux Trois Cabots”, 8 av Mirabeau, a street just off Avenue Malausséna (which is served by the tram; Mirabeau is quite near the Libération station). Litter itself is cheaper at Monoprix, where you can get some pine litter that isn’t dusty and smells pretty good for a few days (even with my two cats!). Otherwise any corner store will sell cheap mineral litter (but it’s very dusty and doesn’t smell good for long).

  7. Habibi73 Says:

    Hi Anna,

    So sorry that it took me so long to respond to youradvice for cat litter. Many thanks for your help! We suscribed to SFR for phone and internet and it took 2 months for France Telco to finally come and connect our service. I think my will has been broken at this point. Can I possibly send you an e-mail off-line? I am trying to “find myself” in this beautiful, yet lonely coast. I”m a bit scattered in my thoughts regarding options for working and building a social network here. I would love to get some advice from you.

    Kind Regards,

  8. fraise Says:

    Sorry to hear about that – rest assured that it’s typical for France Telecom to be royal pains in the arse.

    I realize it sounds cold of me, but no, I really don’t have time to give advice on that sort of thing. If I replied to everyone’s requests for help on work and social networks in this part of the world, I would never have time for anything else. We all have to muddle through similar difficulties, it’s not easy, each of us is unique, there’s no single recipe for success, because there’s no single definition of “success”.

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