Repainted entry

Author: fraise

Sunday 29 November 2009, in Home improvement

Entry, after
After the preparation mentioned in my previous post, today I was finally able to tackle painting my entry. Above is the nearly-finished product!

There is still more to do. The entry was done oddly by the previous owners, leaving a strange section to fill in above the WC door. I also need to get better-quality paint brushes in order to finish smaller areas where a roller won’t work. The cheap brushes I had worked all right for the primer, but left enough marks that I’d rather wait to buy nicer ones before putting on the finishing blue coat.

I’m very happy with how the main wall looks now. To think, it used to look like this: entry in May 2009, before I’d started removing tile and the textured paint. The main wall looked like this with the textured paint off.

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  1. Jenny Says:

    Nice colour ! I’m envious.

    I dismantled the cupboard in the entrance to my flat in April, planning to repaper it… and still haven’t done anything about it. The thing is I don’t know what to do about the irregular ceiling !!

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