Eiffel on the sky

Author: fraise

Tuesday 15 December 2009, in La France, Travel

Eiffel on the sky
I’ve been busy lately, and today was no exception — I went to Paris for a business meeting. Once it ended, I hopped on a metro to the Eiffel Tower, hoping to see it in the sunset. I didn’t have time to visit anything else in Paris, which meant that I could devote what little time I did have, to photographing more of the Eiffel Tower than I would otherwise. It was a beautiful evening, and as always, my breath was taken away by Eiffel’s gorgeous conjunction of imposing mass and fine grace. You can see more of the “Iron Lady” in my photoset from today.

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  1. Hammy Says:

    Yea! I was hoping you posted about Paris today! Lovely! :)

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