How to Shower a Cat

Author: fraise

Sunday 31 January 2010, in Cats

Grey after his shower

Today I gave Grey a shower! Being the sweet cat he is, he complained merely by wailing pitifully and trying to get away from the shower head, but he would still purr when I lathered him and petted him. He never tried to scratch me.

I’ve noticed a real difference in temperament in these two cats that I’ve raised on my own. With unbroken consistency — having a cat with someone who doesn’t understand the importance of consistency can ruin that — and only positive reinforcement (though I do occasionally yell when they do something dangerous), they’ve both become very happy, well-behaved and trusting cats. They’ve never reacted in fear to me. Kanoko has the bad habit of dashing around underfoot, but even when I accidentally step on or kick him (oh, the guilt when that happens!), he won’t claw at my legs like other cats have. He just flips his ears back and puts himself out of harm’s way. Minus a bit of fur that’s stuck under my feet sometimes…

Grey’s coat had never quite recovered from his month or so on the streets; it was stringy, greasy and dandruffy. Although he’s eaten excellent food (Acana and Orijen) ever since arriving, and has regular brushings, his fur didn’t show much improvement. Thus his shower today. Grey’s fur looked much better even when it was damp, as in this photo, and now that it’s dry, it’s definitely nicer!

4 responses to “How to Shower a Cat”

  1. Barron Says:

    After many years of having pets and observing people and their pets, I have come to the conclusion that pets have the same personality as their owners. This is of course that they have had them during their developing years. Some say that people and their pets even look alike. In my case I won’t agree to that.

  2. Jojolabanane Says:

    So happy to have this update on Kanoco and Grey, and am pleased, but not surprised, that they have turned out to be such pleasant cats. Grey looks decidely majestic in the photo. What delightful companions they must be for you.

  3. zuleme Says:

    One friend of mine said “Your cats always look so spoiled” ok, so they’re secure, well fed, well loved and they get play time.
    You should hear Harper’s water fountain purr, what we call the liquid trill.
    Grey is regal!

  4. fraise Says:

    THIS is spoiled! :)

    Grey has a beautiful purr too, he gets so happy at times that he’ll vocalize while purring (probably a trill like you say?), I love it when cats do that. Kanoko is a weeee bit spoiled because he thinks that an impatient “meeOOW!” followed by sticking his adorable tummy in the air will get me to open the patio door for him. Mostly it makes me pet his tummy. (I only open the patio door when he’s not begging for it, otherwise I know what I’d be in for…)

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