Walkabout in Nice

Author: fraise

Saturday 6 March 2010, in La France, Nice

Earth and sky

Today the Fnac, which is a French chain of stores that sell multimedia, books and music, held a “photo marathon” in Nice. I signed up a few weeks ago, thinking it would be nice to get some challenging ideas, plus registration was free. The day started at 9am, and we were given three themes on which to shoot photos, one every two hours. There were three hundred of us in all, and we had to turn in two photos per team (I was a one-person team, most were two-person) after the two hours. The prizes were some Canon cameras; I forget which since I didn’t participate with winning in mind (plus I’ve always preferred Nikon). All participants got a free cinema ticket, which is nice with movies so expensive to see nowadays. The themes were “le reflet dans tous ses états” (“reflection every which way”), “de haut en bas, de bas en haut” (“from top to bottom, from bottom to top,” which I translated to keep puns on “haut”, up, and “bas”, down, also being able to mean items of clothing), and “politiquement incorrect”. I was a little disappointed that they were so generic, since I’d been hoping for topics specific to Nice, but it was fun nonetheless.

The photo above is not one submitted to the contest, but is similar to one that I used for a theme. I took other non-theme-related photos as well, since it was a beautiful day today. At the Villa Arson, which is a museum on a hill in the north of Nice, there were two huge, ancient olive trees; I photographed one of them. Olive trees can live for more than a thousand years, and considering the size of that one’s trunk, it’s likely to be at least a few hundred years old. A bit younger and livelier, a friendly kitty let me photograph her/him after I introduced myself. After leaving the Villa Arson, I noticed two neat homes nearby.

3 responses to “Walkabout in Nice”

  1. Fiona Says:

    My husband and I live in the Charente Maritime we’ve just returned from a month in Nice and my husband found your site. We’re from Ireland and love living in France. I’ve looked back at some of your older entries and am interested in your apartment and life in an apartment as we are thinking of downsizing. I see many people remark on your cats and they certainly are special. My daughter lives in Oregon and has three cats she brought one of them with her from Dublin. I’ve put your blog on my bookmarks and look forward to reading more about life in Nice.

  2. Thierry Says:

    Was it you?


  3. fraise Says:

    Ha! No, but it doesn’t surprise me that it was chosen by the jury… some of the winning photos are up on their Facebook group, and they’re really facile choices (all of them, not just the “politically incorrect” topic). They wanted publicity, looks like they got it…

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