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Author: fraise

Monday 5 April 2010, in Home improvement, La France

Reading nook, mostly finished
I’ve been working on my living room for a year and a half, since finding tomettes beneath the cheap brownish-yellow tile that the previous owners had put down. Not long after I finished renovating the floor, my upstairs neighbor’s pipes burst and flooded my couch nook in July last year. Ever since then, I’ve been working around the damaged nook, painstakingly scraping off the textured paint, something I had wanted to do anyway.

Yesterday I finally finished painting the nook, and was able to move in furniture today, shown above. I chose this blue because it has some depth to it, and it goes well with the burgundy tomettes floor and red touches. I also wanted it to be darker than the rest of the living room, in order to bring it closer visually. For comparison, the nook two years ago, when I bought the apartment. As you can see, the blue also helps the lighting immensely: before, everything had a yellowish tinge to it, but now the area has “truer” colors. Eventually, once I scrape the textured paint off the rest of the living room walls (ugh!), I’ll paint them in a nearly neutral lavender (it’s closer to grey than to purple/pink).

I’m delighted with my art deco chairs and this color scheme. I had considered reupholstering the chairs, but their deep brown goes beautifully with everything. As they say in France, le hasard fait bien les choses ! (“Chance does things well!”)

2 responses to “Reading nook”

  1. Fiona Says:

    It looks great. You could consider entering it for Apartment Therapy Colour competiton. How do you get rid of your old tiles? Can you put them in your dust bin?

  2. fraise Says:

    Thanks! I do plan to enter the color competition as soon there’s another. And whenever I manage to actually get most of my apartment “finished”, I hope to enter the Small Cool as well.

    For the tiles, it’s quite complicated. There’s a weight limit for household waste. If I had a car, I could take them to the local déchetterie (site for large waste), but I don’t have a car… So, I’ve been storing the broken tiles in boxes and the heavy-duty paper bags that cat litter comes in! And once a week, I put a bit of tile from them into the waste bin. It’s taken two years, but I’ve nearly finished disposing of it all!

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