Spring in my bit of Nice

Author: fraise

Wednesday 28 April 2010, in Gardening, Nice

Patio, end of April

After an interminable winter of rain — and I say that as a native Oregonian who enjoys the rain! — the sun has finally begun to emerge from the clouds, and plants are finally growing. Ever since October we’ve had dark, windy, rainy, and even snowy weather the likes of which no one has seen in living memory. It was so dark that my daffodils and irises never bloomed; so much colder than usual that seeds that typically sprout in March have only begun to grow just now. And yet we’re still getting rain every day, with very rare exceptions. (Every. Single. Day.)

This winter I bought a few pumpkins to make pumpkin soup. With the last two, I realized that since they were organic, I could try planting their seeds. I figured that only some of them would sprout… well, all of them have! And I planted four! What am I going to do with four full-size pumpkin plants? For now I’ve repotted two of the seedlings in a planter; the other two are already in pots that should keep them happy for another month or so. Provençal pepper seeds I planted a month ago have just begun to sprout as well, and I’m looking forward to tasting them in autumn.

Renovation on my apartment is continuing too. I started pulling up linoleum in the entry last week, and have nearly finished. It will be nice to have an entry no longer in a state of flux.

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  1. zuleme Says:

    We have had one of the strangest winters, maybe the strangest, since I have lived in these mountains. Very little snow, with spring arriving about a month early, so that we were bicycling in March. We had 90 degrees (F) in April and then yesterday a foot of snow. It will be back up in the 90’s by this weekend.
    I have peas, radishes, spinach and beets coming up in the garden under a plastic tunnel and the garlic is up under it’s cover of leaves.
    Because of the lack of snow for cross country skiing it was a gloomy winter for us, the alpine areas make snow so they were fine, but still closed earlier than average.
    purrs to your felines.

  2. fraise Says:

    Snow?! What is with the snow in so many odd places in the US this March and April! I have friends in places that never get snow in winter, that are getting snow now. And like you describe, bookended by warm weather. So very strange. (Climate change… sigh.)

    Thanks for the purrs! Ear scritches and tummy pats to yours. (Mine are in headbutt mode lately. They hop onto the back of the couch and gently thump their head against mine while purring loudly. So funny.)

  3. Julie Says:

    It was indeed an unusual winter.
    I was obliged to take three ‘snow days’ frm work, a rare event in Oxfordshire but one that made me smile
    I fear our planet is stressed…

    But beware the march of the pumpkins!
    I planted three once and they were so rampant I thought they’d invade the house.
    That was a very good Halloween though!

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