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Author: fraise

Wednesday 13 October 2010, in Cats, Education, Home improvement


Yesterday, after I’d fi-nal-ly finished painting my big living room wall, was preparing to go to school twelve hours later, and wanted to mention how well Patches is doing with us now, I wondered how to bring it all together in a post.

Today I went to school, sat in a Bauhaus building classroom with gorgeous views of the hills of Nice, and in my second course, which is titled “Imagologie et ethnologie”, was greeted by Mister Smarty-Furry-Pants, as you can see above. So there you have it. Style, classes, and a cat.

3 responses to “Class cat”

  1. Hammy Says:

    Ok! I’ve gathered up your presents and I’ll be sending them out to you once I return from my brother’s wedding. I’m sorry the other thing I tried to send you didn’t work out. I should have known that the company I ordered it from was fishy based on their low price in comparison to everywhere else, including Amazon. This was the book I wanted to get you, inspired by your furniture you posted on :)

  2. Hammy Says:

    Weird, my comment didn’t post…actually, maybe it did. Do you have a spam filter on here? I posted a link on the comment so it might have gotten filtered out…

  3. fraise Says:

    Ah, darnit, sorry about that! Yes, it must have been my spam filter – I’ll see if I can find your comment, then see if/how whitelisting works.
    (edit: yup, found it :) thanks! That book looks neat, but wow yes I can see how you’d want to get it elsewhere, ouch, that price!! Thanks for thinking of me.)

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