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Author: fraise

Saturday 5 February 2011, in La France, Nice

Olive oil from Nice

I do my grocery shopping at a small shop in Nice called Diététique Malausséna, located on the avenue of the same name (Malausséna). Having gone there for seven years now, I know the owners and employees well — they’re really nice people, and very helpful, which is great when you have food allergies and/or intolerances. In addition to foods for those with special dietary requirements, they carry a lot of delicious organic foods that I rarely, if ever, see in larger stores here.

Last week they brought in red and rosé wines from Bellet, for instance. Bellet is part of Nice. All the Bellet wines I’ve tasted have been wonderful, quite unique compared to other areas, even those from nearby Provençal vineyards. The store also had olive oil from Bellet, which I’d never seen before. I didn’t even know olive oil was produced in Nice, but one of the shop owners told me it was hard to come by. The color was stunning, and it smelled good, so I bought a bottle today.

This olive oil is from Saint-Roman-de-Bellet. You can see it’s a very green part of the city:

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3 responses to “Tasty local products”

  1. hammy Says:

    Let us know how it tastes! Zach and I love olive oil…a little too much I think. I’m sure we could drink it straight at this point without flinching.

  2. fraise Says:

    Heh, I take it straight when I use it, by spooning it out and then licking clean the spoon when done :o) I’ve heard it’s good for you uncooked, don’t remember exactly why though.

    Anyway, I just tried the Bellet oil! OMG. Okay, try a little of your olive oil — I’m going to guess it will be like the extra virgin stuff I usually get here, because I’ve never tasted a big difference between olive oils until just now. The first taste is a mix of a definite olive-fruity smoothness and a bitter tang, followed by a sort of spicy hit (sometimes it makes me squint, heh), but it’s still smooth, right? And it kind of leaves a bitter-tart aftertaste (that’s the main thing that I’ve noticed can be different, the aftertaste is more or less hard to deal with, and better ones are kind of pleasantly bitter-tart).

    Okay. The Bellet oil is nothing but smoothness. There is no bitter tang or spicy punch, just the smooth, full, nutty fruitiness. I swear it’s like eating sunlight. And the aftertaste is just as divine. It is so worth the money (15 euros for half a liter, ouch. Other good extra virgins are 10-15 euros for a full liter.)

    btw congrats, your comment was my blog’s 1,001st :D
    (1000 was me, heh)

  3. hammy Says:

    Woo! 1001!

    Sounds like good oil. I have some hazelnut oil which Zach hates and it’s pretty smooth as well. I want to get some generic stuff (probably our costco oil jugs) and add some of my rosemary to it.

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