Un aïoli dans le Vieux Nice

Author: fraise

Saturday 30 April 2011, in La France, Nice

Suggestion du jour, Pilha Leva

Yesterday, rather than sew, I realized I had better go to the mairie (city hall) to request my French ID. At the citizenship ceremony, our cartes de séjour et de résidence, visitor/work/residence permits, were taken by the préfecture since gaining French nationality meant we’d no longer be “visitors”. We were given our new French birth certificates, which are one of the documents needed to request French ID. Rather than go to city hall on a Saturday morning, likely to be crowded, I decided to use one of my weekday vacation mornings and then make the most of my detour in the old town. After une flânerie (a stroll), I had aïoli, a traditional Provençal dish with a garlic, basil, pepper and egg white sauce. In fact, the name aïoli is the name of the sauce, which, theoretically, could be served with anything that goes along well, but as the name of a dish, it usually comes with potatoes, courgette (zucchini), leeks, carrots, boiled egg, and white fish.

When I got home and uploaded photos, I realized that in all my years here, I still hadn’t created a photoset for Nice’s old town. That’s done now: Vieux Nice photoset includes the photos from yesterday and several older ones.

Tomorrow is May Day, so here’s some traditional May Day muguet (lily of the valley)!

Muguet (Lily of the valley)

6 responses to “Un aïoli dans le Vieux Nice”

  1. wonky73 Says:

    The old town in Nice was one of my favorite places over there. I have a silly dream that when I move their I’ll get a place in the old town. Obviously not likely given cost and availability. But we can all dream.

  2. Alina R. Says:

    Eggs and fish in the same dish?! I can’t imagine the taste… I would try a salade nicoise instead.

  3. fraise Says:

    Well… salade niçoise has boiled eggs and fish (sardines and/or tuna), and in much closer quarters than aïoli…. :)

  4. Alina R. Says:

    So no provencal food for me:)

  5. Simon Says:

    Hey Anna – I love reading your updates. I’ve just looked at your photos of the Old Town and it is like torture as I so want to move there. And in particular its painful because in the photo ‘View from Fennocchio’ the fourth window up in the far building straight ahead (with the peeling paintwork) is my apartment! It’s permanently rented out but one day my partner and I aim to move there.

  6. fraise Says:

    What a coincidence! I love that area (by Sainte Réparate), and you’re only a few buildings away from my former landlords’ previous apartment :) (They don’t live in Vieux Nice anymore, but were practically next door to your apartment building.)

    Good thing you bought a while back, real estate has been soaring here. Even Vieux Nice is getting expensive.

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