Sunny autumn

Author: fraise

Thursday 8 December 2011, in Cats, Cycling

2004 GT i-drive XC 2.0

We’re having gorgeous weather here in southeastern France this autumn, with noon temperatures so balmy that I need neither a coat nor a long-sleeved top! It’s been beautiful for mountain biking. I still have the GT I bought almost 6 years ago. Here you see it in my entry, set against the bedroom door, also showing off those floors I worked so hard to restore! Recently I bought new shoes, a pair of Mavic ‘Chasm’, which were recommended by the same shop where I found my bike. The two guys there have always been great. They don’t know I have a website, so this plug for their shop is entirely my own decision: drop by Vélo Concept if you’re ever in Nice and need anything road- or mountain-bike-related, even if it’s “just” for a city bike (they carry those too!). They’ve always listened to me, their recommendations have always been reliable, and they have great senses of humor, to boot.

I love my new shoes. It’s like having a new bike. The difference with my previous mid-range lace-up shoes truly surprised me. When I stand on my (clipless) pedals, it feels like I’m standing on solid ground. I already loved climbs before; now they’re even better, because there’s no loss of muscle power in any corrections due to unstable shoes – my feet stay where I put them, moving the pedals.

In other news, I haven’t updated recently because I started a new project at work a few weeks ago. It’s enjoyable as well – all in all, life is good. Kanoko and Susu are still like two peas in a pod (very bouncy peas in a constantly-moving pod), and Susu is as much of a sweetheart as Kanoko, so I’ve been feeling very spoiled by two adorable, well-behaved cats who gleefully share their time together and with me.

Susu, 3 months old

3 responses to “Sunny autumn”

  1. Bruce B. Says:

    Not about Susu or Kanoko, but about the “Stop Censorship”, anti-SOPA link at the top. THANK YOU!

  2. fraise Says:

    You’re most welcome!

    I was hoping I could take it off after a week or two, thinking the flood of emails, letters and phone calls would stop it… but the thing still hasn’t died. And now NDAA has passed, ugh.

  3. Kate Says:

    Anna, Your cats are so beautiful! I recently moved to Nice from New York City. You remind me of my city friend Vanessa who adores cats. I do too!

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