Petite visite du marché des fleurs

Author: fraise

Saturday 10 March 2012, in La France, Nice

I shot this little video today while visiting Cours Saleya. It goes quickly because as soon as you stop, the nearest seller will ask you what you’re looking for.

3 responses to “Petite visite du marché des fleurs”

  1. Barb in Minnesota Says:

    How beautiful – the market seems to go on forever. Meanwhile, here in the north, the snow is melting and we’re in a little heatwave – 60 degrees F.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Barb in Minnesota

  2. Jenny Says:

    That was delightful ! Thank you !

  3. Freddy Says:

    Indeed, this is so annoying when a seller is asking “je peux vous aider ?” ! not only on the market but every shops. Personally I just say “non”.

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