Another side of Nice

Author: fraise

Thursday 9 August 2012, in La France, Nice


A few days ago, three friends and I decided to try out a path we’ve heard about over the years, along the Canal de Gairaut in the north of Nice. While Niçois acquaintances and colleagues of mine had often talked about it as easy to find, it was not actually so simple… Nonetheless, we did eventually reach the beautiful Cascades de Gairaut, waterfalls once overseen by the Compagnie des Eaux, or water board. You can also reach them by car or by bus, as there’s a parking area a few hundred meters from the site.

There was a great view of Nice, and the falling water chilled the otherwise hot and stuffy summer air. Below are some other photos from along our walk. The decorative building was the guard house, Maison de Garde, used by the Compagnie des Eaux.

Old truck, Vieux Chemin de Gairaut

        Cascades de Gairaut      Maison de Garde

Maison de Garde

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