Fierce furry feline

Author: fraise

Sunday 28 October 2012, in Cats

Meow everyone. My human has been engrossed in sewing something she calls a “cape” lately. I don’t quite understand why so much effort is put into something already deliciously warm and comfortable, I mean she’s just going to wrap herself in it anyway, but then humans are a mysterious lot.

Today she took some photos of me and asked if I would comment them. Apparently there’s a day called “Halloween” soon. On top of everything, not only do I get a human who takes perfectly good wool and cuts it up, she has to be interested in quaint pagan rituals that no one else even celebrates where she lives. But she’s very nice and snuggles whenever I want, so here you go.

Kanoko naps

I was having a lovely nap when miss human came up, snorfled my tummy, nommed my paws, and then turned the light on to take photos.

Kanoko yawns

“Aaaaaaarrr!” I told her, but she laughed at how cute my “yawn” was.

Be-fanged yawn

“Grrrr! See my fangs and claws!” I tried to insist.

Kanoko sighs

Alas, all for nought.

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