Rain, rain, go away

Author: fraise

Sunday 31 March 2013, in Nice

Cessole, Hills

Like many places in the northern hemisphere this year, we have been having a very strange winter. Snow, sleet and hail not once, but at least four times, which for snow was never heard of before. Once is rare, twice almost never happens – four times?! Then there has been the rain. Endless, record-breaking rain. Several mudslides. I have a subscription to the Monaco-Monte Carlo opera again this season, and it’s been quite surprising to see so many train cancellations and warnings for mudslides. The earth here just isn’t able to soak up the quantities of water that have been dumped on it from the sky.

Thankfully, today the sun came out and even warmed us up a bit. I took the photo above this morning, after going to market.

Nice city center is getting a makeover: our mayor has made it historical, thus requiring buildings with façades in disrepair to be renovated. Along with the rain came a flurry of scaffolding, much of which is slowly giving way to newly-repainted buildings. It’s quite beautiful, can’t wait to see what all of them will look like once finished.

I’ve also been happy thanks to feedback from readers of Behind the Façades! It’s been read on at least three continents now, very exciting. For me the greatest reward in writing has always been to know that readers find something they relate to. Merci pour votre soutien !

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  1. Mirjam Says:

    Hi Anna

    I loved reading your novel Behind the Façades. It is a rather sad but good story and theme. I read in one evening.

    Have a nice sunday, here in The Netherlands this afternoon will be sunny with 20 degrees (only for a day but very good after an extremely cold winter)


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