Chemin de la Maioun Grossa

Author: fraise

Saturday 6 April 2013, in La France, Nice

This morning I decided to try out an enticing hillside stairway that had long piqued my curiosity. Our weather hasn’t gotten much better; there was another strong risk of rain, so I only took my little handheld camera rather than my nicer Nikon. Still, it was quite interesting, and these photos will help me remember what to look for when I go back in safer weather with a proper camera!

Maioun Grossa, start

Maioun Grossa, turn

Maioun Grossa, straight stretch

Maioun Grossa, curve and greenery

I was surprised at how far up the path climbed! Other stairways I’ve taken in Nice have been shorter, but this one was a veritable hillside hike. It took a good twenty minutes to reach the top. As you can see, it’s maintained by the city, with rails, gutters, and even lights. When I looked back at what I’d climbed, my head spun a bit:

Maioun Grossa, looking down

The view from Pessicart, the avenue at the top of the Maioun Grossa stairway, was quite beautiful. The first photo is looking east-northeast, and the second is to its right, looking straight east. The stark difference in lighting in the second photo is relatively true to life – those are black storm clouds over the hill on the right, while the morning sun was shining brightly through lighter clouds.

Maioun Grossa, view to east-northeast

Maioun Grossa, view to east

After a bit of exploration, I wended my way back down.

Maioun Grossa, walking down

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