Pentecôte en Camargue

Author: fraise

Saturday 22 June 2013, in La France, Photography, Travel

Taureau rouge, Aigues-Mortes by Anna Stevenson (fraise)) on

The replacement lens I ordered for my broken Nikon 50mm arrived today, and I was also able to subscribe to my new photo host, opening up my sets for public view. While I had been happy with Flickr, their new pricing scheme and restrictions (not on storage, which is indeed better now, but on statistics and other features) finally gave me enough impetus to move to 500px, where you can find me under my usual handle, fraise. I especially like their Stories feature, where you can essentially blog within your photostream.

Our three-day trip to Camargue started out with a brief thunderstorm, soaking me to the bone as I was caught unawares walking around Nîmes without an umbrella. The rest of the long weekend was beautiful, however, and Le Grau du Roi, Aigues-Mortes, and Nîmes were wonderful to visit. You can read and view the full story on 500px; below are a few of my favorite photos from the trip.

Canal du centre, Grau du Roi by Anna Stevenson (fraise)) on

Eglise Notre Dame des Sablons by Anna Stevenson (fraise)) on

Fortifications au sud-est, Aigues-Mortes by Anna Stevenson (fraise)) on

Marché d'Aigues-Mortes by Anna Stevenson (fraise)) on

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