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Saturday 7 September 2013, in Cycling, La France, Photography, Travel

Cottard, Antibes by Anna Stevenson on

Keeping with the cycling theme of late – this was the first photo I took on a Thursday visit to Antibes’ old town. I needed to go to my company’s offices in Sophia Antipolis, and since Sophia is a hop, skip and a jump from Antibes, or more precisely an express bus ride, I went to the original Antipolis afterwards. Antibes takes its name from the Greek for the village, Antipolis, meaning “the city opposite” or “the city across”. Likewise, Sophia Antipolis can mean “the city of the wisdom of opposites”, as well as having a double meaning in that its founder’s wife was named Sophie, and, naturally, it’s near Antibes/Antipolis.

While putting the pictures onto 500px, I discovered that an appreciative visitor had actually purchased one of my photos! It reminded me to mention it here: on 500px you can buy high-resolution downloads, as well as prints. Feel free to browse my photography store, and, naturally, it goes without saying that I’m always happy to see others enjoy the pictures. As you well imagine, you’ll also know where any profits go! More photography, funds towards a new kitchen (which will also be photographed), sewing projects, and cycling goods (still moar photos!!), among others.

Although it’s September, the weather has stayed hot, so I ambled through the old town and its Marché Provençal until noon came around. Then I hopped on a train back to Nice for a refreshing lunch at home with the cats. We have a new train reduction card in France, called la carte Zou! (exclamation point included), that has been a real boon for hopping around the area. It’s free, and a flexible subscription: you can fill the card with a set of 10 trips, or a week-long or month-long subscription. Any of the choices has to be for a single route, for instance, you can’t go from Nice to Monaco with the card if you’ve chosen the Nice-Antibes route; you would have to buy a separate ticket. Reductions are great, 75%! A round-trip ticket from Nice Ville to Antibes currently costs 8.80€, whereas a ten-trip set with la carte Zou! will only cost you 11€. Two euros more, for four more round trips. It’s less expensive than taking a car, and only one euro more than ten bus trips would cost on a ten-trip bus ticket (currently 10€).

Indeed, even if I could afford a car, I doubt I would ever buy one. My bike will take me to backcountry villages (will be taking it home early next week!), and paired with our train network, the possibilities are nearly as endless as with a car, but much less expensive. We’re spoiled here when it comes to public transportation, and it is really nice.

Flowery street, Antibes by Anna Stevenson on

Doorways, Antibes by Anna Stevenson on

Epices, Marché Provençal d'Antibes by Anna Stevenson on

Huiles et confitures, Marché Provençal d'Antibes by Anna Stevenson on

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