Fraise niçoise

Author: fraise

Saturday 3 May 2014, in La France, Nice

On May Day the cats and I took the TGV from Paris to Nice, for a week and a half of vacation. It was the first time in two months that the kitties returned home, but they hadn’t forgotten a thing. Not twenty minutes after they were freed from their carriers, Susu was swatting around her favorite toy, and Kanoko had reclaimed his habitual perch on the kitchen bar. Both of them asked to be let out onto the patio, as always, when I approached the door.

Wednesday April 30th was my birthday – which was another reason I had decided on a Louvre membership. On top of being in Paris and having spent a lovely weekend filled with some of my favorite sculptures, at work on Wednesday I earned another “gift”: more professional responsibilities! I’m now Test Lead on the GDF project, adding communication and coordination duties to the usual Test Analyst responsibilities, which include managing a test repository, supervising testers, and reporting on progress. While it is still early on, only two months into the project, it’s increasingly enjoyable and looks to have the potential to remain that way for a long time. I’m loving Paris, both personally and professionally.

Back in Nice, today I strolled to my favorite fruit & vegetable shop on Avenue Borriglione. They had fat yellow lemons from trees in the hills of Nice, strawberries from Carros, beefheart tomatoes and Pink Lady apples from Nice, and Mona Lisa potatoes from farms I’ve visited in Provence (the 04 département). Once home I rinsed the strawberries and ate one. “Oh my goodness,” I sighed luxuriously, “why buy sugary pastries when you can find fruit this delicious.”

You’ll need to understand French for this video, but it’s a nice interview of a strawberry farmer in Carros, which is on the other side of the Var river from Nice. When he talks about going to the MIN, he’s referring to a professional market center in Nice, the Marchés d’Intérêt National where farmers bring their produce, and others buy it for distribution at markets or stores.

5 responses to “Fraise niçoise”

  1. Sharyn Says:

    Can you just take the cats in 2 carriers on the TGV? Do people take dogs?
    I enjoy your posts so I am glad you keep writing, so many good bloggers have just dropped off.

  2. fraise Says:

    Thanks Sharyn! It’s true that Facebook’s rise has seemed to cause a corresponding drop in blogs, which is a shame… there are a lot I wish were still around too.

    You can indeed take cats in carriers, two per passenger max. They need tickets, as do dogs, but it’s a flat fee of only 7 euros (used to be 5). I’ve seen dogs of all sizes on leash, they seem to love the train. The cats are great in it too, much more calm and peaceful than in a car. Kanoko sleeps most of the time; Susu chatters a bit but loves looking out the windows, and dozes off occasionally too.

  3. Sharyn Says:

    Hi Anna,

    Yes I think FB has encouraged the slow down in blogs. A few that were really good have just stopped posting and I understand why because I had a blog for a few years and then I stopped. Mine was about cats and shelter cats and I had access to great material since I was volunteering as the photographer for a shelter at the time.
    We took the TGV on our last trip to France in 2009 and I loved it. We were invited to Provence again this fall but don’t plan on going for many reasons. I do have a close girl friend in Lyons who is coming here (NH) this fall though.
    I like the relaxed French attitude to pets in public places and loved to see dogs in cafes.
    I appreciate your writing so I hope you don’t stop! I also love your posts on sewing because even though I don’t sew these days, I take my ideas for clothes and adapting clothes to a woman in town who can do anything. I have a videography business now with my husband and we also make gear for video cameras but I toy with the idea of designing a line of something made with fabric in the future. My French friend has just come up with a line of silk scarves with her fabric designs.
    We used to have to drive to Portland, Maine every few weeks with 4 cats in the car. One road we called the lumpy bumpy road and two of the cats would get nauseous so we drove at about 15 MPH over it.
    best wishes to you and felines from NH

  4. Barbara Snow Says:

    Dear Anna,
    Just curious – how are your plants faring now that you spend most of the time in Paris? It’s been fun following the transformation of your patio in Nice so I couldn’t help but ask.
    Barb in Minnesota

  5. fraise Says:

    They’re doing well! I’m able to get back regularly, and I’ve always chosen plants that do well with less water, so it’s perfect.

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