Happy cats in Paris

Author: fraise

Tuesday 20 May 2014, in Cats, La France, Travel

Susu and Kanoko sharing a chair on the balcony

At home on my lunch break, I took what is quite possibly my favorite photo of the cats to date. They had never shared the chair on our Courbevoie balcony before, but today they did, and my camera caught Kanoko in another of his quintessentially feline “I am happy” expressions.

I’ve now taken the TGV often enough to earn Grand Voyageur status. My new card came in the mail today; Susu seemed quite interested in it.

Grand Voyageur card and curious Susu

There are two higher levels: Grand Voyageur Plus and Grand Voyageur Le Club. It’s nostalgic for me, because I’m just old enough to remember when airline mile clubs were all the rage, and business travel with one added up to a lot of perqs. Now that those have all but disappeared, I’ve nonetheless gained a… train card that comes with perqs! I’ll hit Plus status in a month, and likely Le Club not too long afterwards. You can exchange points for train tickets and/or gifts, get hotel reductions, use the special travel salons in stations, exchange train tickets much more easily, and for the highest Club level, if you miss your train for whatever reason, you can even get on the next one without exchanging your ticket. For free. All you have to do is notify the train controller.

No matter which card you have, the Voyageur programme is pretty nice. It’s free, and means you don’t have to print out your ticket, since it’s linked to your card’s QR code – those square barcodes you see everywhere nowadays. Controllers have QR code readers and simply flash your card. Bienvenue au futur !

4 responses to “Happy cats in Paris”

  1. Barbara Snow Says:

    What a gorgeous picture of your kitties!

  2. Bruce B Says:

    GREAT shot, he’s such a gorgeous cat! He looks like he’s in cat heaven. That doesn’t mean that Susu isn’t adorable looking as well (“pot de colle” un peu? :D )

    Even though I’ve only got “voyageur” status, I usually opt for the e-ticket, which means that I don’t have to print anything, I just show the QRcode that’s on the SNCFdirect iPhone app to the controler-person. More eco-friendly, less wasted paper and ink as well.

  3. fraise Says:

    Kanoko is absolutely gorgeous – a total sweetheart too. Susu is actually hyperactive! Always moving, it’s one reason I have so few photos of her, much less of the two together. Their personalities are definitely complementary – Susu sees Kanoko as her adopted big brother she can pounce and chase, while Kanoko calmly endures her :)

    The e-ticket really is great, I just show my phone when I board too. No more fiddling with those ticket stamping machines that somehow manage never to work, either.

  4. Heather Says:

    The cats look completely content. Love this pic!

    Also, it’s nice to know that there are frequent traveler plans that still carry some benefit. I remember when United would give members an automatic upgrade to Economy Plus and the heaven of upgrading to business on an international flight. Those days are mostly gone, sadly.

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