Cat music on the Catnet

Author: Susu

Sunday 1 March 2015, in Catnet, Cats

Susu selfie

I’ve been hanging out listening to music lately. Music for Cats, of course. My favorite there is “Spook’s Ditty.” On request of a commenter, I borrowed my human’s phone and took a selfie while pondering the meaning of life. As you can see, I am CLEARLY blue and black.

We’re all looking forward to the return of spring. A lot of humans have been tired this last month; mine says it’s a virus going around. I’ve never had a virus; I think it’s because I catch a lot of flies? Probably eating flies helps build resistance to that sort of thing. Humans should consider eating more of them. They are really crunchy.

Kanoko’s favorite song is still this one by Kraftwerk. He always purrs through the whole thing.

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  1. Sharyn Says:

    Brendan was especially fond of the Bach pieces for solo cello as performed by YoYo Ma. He was a Bach kind of feline, perfect in every way.
    Ramona enjoys movies with a soundtrack where humans are hacking and hewing at each other, like 300.
    Harper is probably a reggae lover, will try this out.

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