Your twice-yearly update

Author: fraise

Sunday 31 May 2015, in Cats, Journal, Meta

Kanoko and Susu together

Teasing with the title there. The pause hasn’t been intentional; more a collection of “later… later…” on my part. For nearly three months…!

The cats are doing great (the photo above was taken today), and I’ve been doing pretty well too. Paris holds more opportunities across the board, whether they be personal, interpersonal, career-related, cat-related. I’ve been making the most of it, so my blog has gone to the backburner in the meanwhile.

The biggest plus has definitely been for my career. I’ve finally been given long-requested promotions, ones for which work just wasn’t there in the southeast. The flip side is that, as a consultant with immediately-recognizable client companies, I’m not at liberty to talk about it in more than the most general terms. So, in the time I haven’t been writing here, I have been thinking about which direction to take my blog. I have some ideas, but they’re still fuzzy; my day job has been taking up most of my creative brainpower. Which is a wonderful thing! It’s great to have a job that asks creativity of me. I’ve always been an organic sort, so I know that when I say “we’ll see” for this blog, we actually will.

2 responses to “Your twice-yearly update”

  1. Sharyn Says:

    So many bloggers have given up putting the time in and I don’t blame then. still, I check the blogs I like to see if the writers pop up again. But after a few months I do sometimes delete them. Blogs are fun to read.
    There is one American in Paris who does keep going, Frenchless in France. It is nice to see, she just posts photos of her travels and walks around Paris.
    Some friends of ours have just bought a house in Provence and she writes about every couple of weeks.
    I hope you’ll get the inspiration to continue with just photos and bits about life in France for those of us who won’t get there in the near future. and cats of course.

  2. Barbara Snow Says:

    It’s good to know that you are enjoying new adventures in such an amazing city with your two lovely feline friends. Wishing you the best.
    Barb in Minnesota

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