Of parakeets

Author: fraise

Friday 12 August 2016, in Journal, La France, Nice

Many apologies for the silence. As a few readers know, I keep meaning to update, and then life happens. The most recent was of course 14 July in Nice. It was heartbreaking; affected me very deeply. I’m only just now starting to feel normal. I’d had TGV tickets to take care of my apartment there that same weekend, for which I was grateful. Being able to walk the Promenade and talk with other people in the city was a balm.

After returning to my Paris suburb, I started taking more evening walks. During one of them, a parakeet greeted me. My first reaction, due to the parakeet being so friendly, and it being the holidays, was that the poor thing must have been abandoned. A few friends mentioned, however, that parakeets in cities are somewhat common. So I decided to look more carefully on my next walk. It turned out I didn’t need to look very far, because Madam Parakeet found me on her own and introduced me to her partner.

Earlier this week their flock fweeped (parakeet for “chirped”) up a storm in a tree, and one did a lovely swoop over my head. This evening they were a bit more secretive, but I did get a beautiful shot of one flying from her perch.

Parakeet in flight

5 responses to “Of parakeets”

  1. Mirjam Says:

    Happy that you are back at your blog.
    Here in Leiden (The Netherlands) I see parakeets everyday outside my livingroom window. They come end of the afternoon and sit always in the same tree. Sometimes they come to the balcony. I can show you pictures if you like it. Bye

  2. fraise Says:

    That sounds wonderful :) they’re such characters! Do please share some photos!

  3. Mirjam Says:

    Can you tell me where?

  4. Mirjam Says:



  5. fraise Says:

    Goodness! They’re so big! What beautiful birds :)

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