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In 2017 I’ve thought a lot about this site, in spite of rarely posting. It’s been good to have an extended break, even if unplanned. Our personal lives and the world at large have seen a lot, and the internet has become a key part of that. The recent vote on net neutrality in the US served as something of a crystallization for my thoughts throughout the year – I realized how much I miss the web of yore. The web where anyone can buy a domain name, write up some basic HTML and have an international presence. The web where your friends list is your blog list. Where you can write as many or as few characters as you like.

In real life, my dear sweet Susu passed away this June. I had let her into the garden for her morning outing, and she had gone to her favorite perch above the quiet sidewalk to watch people. Unbeknownst to me (neighbor kids told me a week later), some “mean kids” purposefully scared her into the street as a car sped past. It struck her and she ran off to hide and pass away from her injuries. She wasn’t hidden far away, but ever true to her shy self, she was so well-hidden that only two other neighbors saw her. Neither of them called anyone (you can call the police, and going to a vet to read a cat’s ID chip is free), so it wasn’t until I had put up posters the next day, and another day had passed, that they told me. While they didn’t know each other, both felt badly and only phoned after their conscience got the better of them. By then Susu had disappeared. The two neighbors assured me she had indeed passed away; someone quietly told me they thought her body had been put into one of the nearby dumpsters. I still called her morning, evening and night and did circular searches just in case, but indeed she never came back. The hardest was watching Kanoko search for her every day. He would carefully do a round too, sniffing Susu’s favorite garden spots, meowing hopefully, and then he would return to my side expectantly, dropping his head sorrowfully when he realized she still hadn’t returned.

A few months later, Kanoko was very lonely indeed; he’s always had a feline friend. I adopted a sweet little fostered tortie named Tara, whose foster name I kept since Tara is the goddess of many colors. She and Kanoko got along straight away and it’s lovely to see them both happy.

I closed my Flickr account, thus breaking the links to several years’ worth of photos here… apologies for that. Yahoo was sold to Verizon, and thus Flickr was as well. I decided to archive all my Flickr photos while I could, and close my account there. I still put photos on 500px, and will likely store any photos for my blog, right here on my own server. It used to be expensive to purchase enough space for that, but nowadays it’s more affordable.

I plan to update again with my traditional New Year post, and get back to blogging more regularly.

Your twice-yearly update

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Kanoko and Susu together

Teasing with the title there. The pause hasn’t been intentional; more a collection of “later… later…” on my part. For nearly three months…!

The cats are doing great (the photo above was taken today), and I’ve been doing pretty well too. Paris holds more opportunities across the board, whether they be personal, interpersonal, career-related, cat-related. I’ve been making the most of it, so my blog has gone to the backburner in the meanwhile.

The biggest plus has definitely been for my career. I’ve finally been given long-requested promotions, ones for which work just wasn’t there in the southeast. The flip side is that, as a consultant with immediately-recognizable client companies, I’m not at liberty to talk about it in more than the most general terms. So, in the time I haven’t been writing here, I have been thinking about which direction to take my blog. I have some ideas, but they’re still fuzzy; my day job has been taking up most of my creative brainpower. Which is a wonderful thing! It’s great to have a job that asks creativity of me. I’ve always been an organic sort, so I know that when I say “we’ll see” for this blog, we actually will.

Spiraling flower

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Cyclamen flower profile

Earth laughs in flowers, to see her boastful boys
Earth-proud, proud of the earth which is not theirs;
Who steer the plough, but cannot steer their feet
Clear of the grave.

– Excerpt from Hamatreya, Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is a flower from one of my cyclamens. I’ve had four cyclamen plants for three years now, managing to hibernate them successfully in summer. It’s always a pleasure to see them return to life in winter and enjoy their blossoms throughout the cold months.

My Larousse etymology book and the American Heritage Dictionary entry for cyclamen note that cyclamen, Latin, comes from the Greek kuklaminos, from kuklos, circle. The dictionary theorizes it may be due to the bulbous roots. Methinks it’s a bit more obvious than that (and to be very pedantic, a cyclamen bulb is spherical, not circular).