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Joie de vivre

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Grass, delicious grass

This is truly a photo that speaks for itself.

These are pots of grass I planted for Kanoko — real wheat seeds I found in the seed for sprouts section of an organic grocery market here (Diététique Malausséna). This way I have a big bag of seeds that I can replant as often as needed. Kanoko loves his pots of grass: he’ll sit on them and enjoy himself.

Today I got Kanoko a harness, and am delighted — he understood it wasn’t a toy after just two “no”s when he tried playing with the lead, and then trotted around the apartment building hallway without a problem. As soon as he’s less wary of the hallway we’ll venture further. Malo abhorred the harness I tried on him as a kitten… even after several patient, gentle tries he would wail and fight it so energetically that I could never get the lead on. It’s great that Kanoko seems to accept a harness! I would love to walk him on weekends.

New Noresund

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New Noresund

I knew it would look beautiful, and it does! Hurray, my bedroom is finally starting to look fit for habitation. A “before” photo taken yesterday, and from the same viewpoint, this “after” photo taken today. The tall frame really does wonders for the room’s volume. The bed takes up a lot of room, but because it’s tall, a balance is struck. And I just love how the arabesques look against the wall. Even with the current color, which is not a particular favorite of mine.

Indeed, the paint job in my bedroom is not well done — that’s still the original paint. There is water damage in my bedroom and bathroom due to the apartment having been closed up during our rainy spring (before I moved in), and I’m still waiting for the syndic, their plumber, their insurance and my insurance to get everything worked out before anything can be done. The south wall (a cringe-inducing photo) and my bathroom will have to be redone.