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Tu suis Cannes !

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Chevy ad in Nice, France

Colleagues and I often joke about English expressions and French ones that sound nearly identical in pronunciation. This weekend I came across this Chevy ad on my way to the supermarket and mentioned it on Monday at the office. “Yes we can” was promptly turned into “tu suis Cannes” (roughly pronounced “too swee can”). Literally translated, “you follow Cannes”, but the actual meaning is “follow [road] signs to Cannes”.

Neighbor update!
Today Francine, the kind neighbor, updated me about Gertrude’s visit before the judge last Monday. I nearly jumped out of my chair with joy when I read these two sentences (“elle/she” refers to Gertrude):
“Elle a été insolente auprès du délégué du procureur, donc il n’y aura pas de médiation mais un procès. Elle est amendable de 450 euros par infraction devant un juge si elle continue dans son comportement envers l’ensemble des résidents.”
Translation: “She was insolent with the attorney general’s representative, so there won’t be mediation, but a trial. A judge can fine her 450 euros per infraction if she continues her behavior with all of the residents.”

Gertrude’s mental health must be slipping indeed if she was so thoughtless as to insult a public attorney. Although I can’t say I’m surprised considering her profanity towards others, a mild version of which I caught on film, I can’t say I expected it either. So much the better, this way things will go more smoothly.

A novel approach to couture

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A novel approach to couture

Yesterday I bought the latest Burda sewing magazine, as it had a few dress, coat, shirt and blouse patterns that caught my eye. One shirtdress pattern in particular was precisely what I’ve wanted for a while (their version of it sewn). I’ve had a beautiful light lavender check stretch fabric for years now that I couldn’t fit with a pattern, but this shirtdress will be great in it (I won’t be putting in any pockets, however). I’m also completely in love with this simple Empire dress, which I plan to make in a floral too.

I started tracing the pattern pieces yesterday afternoon. Kanoko, as can be seen in that photo, was drowsy and so merely kept an eye on my progress. Today, however, as I laid out the pattern pieces on the fabric, he decided to take things into his own paws… and mouth, as shown above! I probably won’t finish the dress today since I have other errands, but hopefully it will be ready to wear to work in another week.

For readers curious about my mentally ill neighbor, I’m still waiting to hear from “Francine” and so don’t yet know how things went with the judge. Rest assured that I’ll post as soon as I do.