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Le Baou de Saint Jeannet

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Le Var devant le Baou de Saint Jeannet

Every weekday morning I’m reminded how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful part of the world. My daily commute takes me across a tall bridge from which we see peaks in the Alps go by, and then we descend the hills of Western Nice to the Var valley. We cross the Var river, and in the light of the rising sun, we see the rock formations behind Carros and Saint Jeannet. The large rock face is called the Baou de Saint Jeannet, and is one of the most recognizable landmarks of Nice Ouest – Carros. There are trails in the area that are quite popular with runners and cyclists.

I took these photos with my little handheld panoramic camera from the bus, a Mercedes that has enormous windows. Although many of us sleep through the early morning ride, a lot of people stay awake for this stretch, just to watch the natural spectacle of the sunrise over our beautiful mountains, our heads all turned the same direction.

Baou de Saint Jeannet