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100ème Tour de France

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Garmin team by Anna Stevenson (fraise)) on

Have you been following the Tour de France? It started out in gorgeous Corsica this year, went through Nice yesterday (2 July), then on from Cagnes-sur-Mer to Marseille today, passing through Biot and Valbonne, not far from where I work. These first two photos are from the team time trials in Nice yesterday, where I walked to the Buffa-Gambetta corner to watch the riders in a turn.

Sojasun team by Anna Stevenson (fraise)) on

This morning, I took the bus to work as usual, but had used a half day off so I could ride to a roundabout that stage 5 would be going through. I didn’t get any shots of racers, since I wanted my hands to be free to cheer them on, but I did get a souvenir shot of my bike under a tour traffic sign and in front of the gathering crowd. This was my fourth Tour de France, which is even hard for me to believe; I only ever imagined being able to see it… maybe… one day! Now I’ve seen it several times. Today was the first I’ve gone on my own bike, though. It was a real treat, as a kid who used to pedal around her countryside home, who then grew up to pedal around the countryside of her new home on the other side of the world.

More people as the racers arrived