Another new start

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*dusts off website*
Hello, readers. Once again, it’s been a while. Not long after my last post, I quit my former job, where I’d been for eleven years – thirteen if you count the freelance work I did for them before they hired me. It was a long and enriching experience, one that introduced me to my current line of work and Paris. I went from being a translator specializing in IT, to a functional systems and software tester, to analyst and eventually manager. My new job started just over a month ago, and has given me more opportunities, as well as a project in Paris proper. If you follow my Instagram feed, you’ll have noticed pictures of the Bibliothèque nationale de France, more often called by its shorthand “BnF” here. I am indeed lucky enough to be a few hundred meters from it.

The cats are still doing well. Kanoko turns nine in a month, which has caused me something of a midlife crisis on his behalf. My kitten now has mild arthritis! The veterinarian recommended a change of diet, which in Kanoko’s case means of store-bought wet food “treats”. Every evening I divvy up a package of wet food as a treat for the cats – it’s the only food they get that has grains in it, so I suspect going for better food will make a difference. Meanwhile, Susu will turn six this August. She’s still as bouncy and chatty as ever.

Les vacances

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Kanoko and Susu

C’est les vacances ! Three weeks of vacation started for me on Monday, following a brief health scare that sent me to the emergency room (on recommendation of my GP) the week before. I’m fine now, and for anyone curious about the logistics of it – I didn’t need to pay anything and haven’t received any bills. I did go to a private clinic, since the public hospital was overflowing (I waited there for an hour and only saw two people registered, while 20 others waited in front of me), so I do feel the need to use a qualifier just in case: it was probably fully reimbursed. Especially as I haven’t received any bills two weeks later. I’ll know for certain when the detail of reimbursements comes in the mail, and plan to write a post on it since this is only my second time in a French ER, and my first in a private clinic here.

As for my vacation, it’s going very well! It started off with a lot of vintage patterns arriving in the mail, as well as a couple of books I’ve since read. One blue maxi dress has been finished, a vintage dress started, and plans for visiting the area with friends have been made.

I haven’t yet gotten a bat house; instead I plan to make one, if I can find the right type of wood, which would be a hardwood rather than soft pine. Meanwhile, the cats are kept under surveillance when outside. I also started using a video editor, Kdenlive (I’m currently running FreeBSD with KDE), so that clips of the two furballs are hopefully a bit more interesting. No fancy effects, just snipping unnecessary bits and adding music. Behold, my very first video project, starring Kanoko the Water-Loving Maine Coon.