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Last update 25 October 2009

Special thanks go to Earl Sande, Tami Jenson, and Nils Johan Fosli for their generous help.

Countries: Canada, Norway (majority), Denmark.
Farm names referenced on this site: Græsmyr, Vang, Mulstø, Vik, Sand Ytre (Yttre Sand, Indre Sand, Sand Indre), Marken, Løghelle Finn (Finløghellen), Nordstraum, Russvag Nordre, Olderen. Counties: Troms, Nordland. Localities: Lenvik, Flakstad (Flagstad), Buxnæs (Buxnes), Søreissa. This list is not exhaustive.

  • Censuses, Marriage and Farm Records
    1900 Census, 1 (Stefanus OLSEN and Fredrikke SVENDSDATTER)
    1900 Census, 2 (Anna STEFANUSDATTER and Hans INGVARDSEN)

    1900 Census, 3 (Annikke SAMUELSEN, Nordbakken, Evenes)
    1900 Census, 4 (Parents of Anni SAMUELSEN, Mulstø, Flakstad)
    1900 Census, 5 (Edvard PEDERSEN and Sara SAMUELSDATTER)

    1886 Farm Matriculation Statistics

    Marriage Record, Edvard PEDERSEN and Sara SAMUELSDATTER, September 27, 1883.

    1875 Census, 1 (Stefanus OLSEN and Fredrikke SVENDSDATTER, Græsmyr farm)

    1875 Census, 2 (Parents of Anni SAMUELSEN, siblings, Sand Ytre [Mulstø] farm)
    1875 Census, 3 (Maren OLSDATTER, stepson Edvard PEDERSEN and siblings, Marken farm, Flakstad)

    1865 Census, 1 (Stefanus OLSEN, Fredrikke, and Stefanus' parents, Græsmyr farm)

    1865 Census, 2 (Parents of Anni SAMUELSEN, mother of Samuel ANDERSEN, siblings)
    1865 Census, 3 (Edvard PEDERSEN, step-parents and siblings, Marken farm)

    Marriage Record, Samuel ANDERSEN and Else MORTENSDATTER, October 30, 1860.
        (Knud MORTENSEN seems to be Else's brother!)

    1801 Census, 1 (Ole OLSEN HVITFELDT, his wife Bolette, their children - Løghelle Finn farm)
    1801 Census, 2 (Anne Bergitta STADT, father, stepmother and siblings, Vang farm)
    1801 Census, 3 (Ole DIDRICHSEN and his parents, Russvaag Nordre farm)
    1801 Census, 4 (Hans CHRISTOPHERSEN, his father, wife Anne, and their children before the birth of Karen - Olderen farm)

  • Maps and Photos
    Portion of the Midwest Troms map with Lenvik church and Græsmyr (Grasmyrboten) highlighted (Original map from Genealogy/Slekt in Troms site)

    1861 map of Lenvik with Lenvik church, Græsmyr, Løghelle, Russvaag and Vang farms highlighted

    1996 relief of northern Norway, with Lenvik (church) highlighted

    Photos of Flakstad (Birthplace of SAMUELSEN branch)

  • Links
    The Ship "Island" (Ole Enok STEFANUSEN sailed to NYC on it, March 27 - April 13, 1902)
    The Ship "Norge" (Anni SAMUELSEN sailed to NYC on it, June 12 - 27, 1903)

    RootsWeb Norway-L Mailing List (searchable)

    National Archives of Norway - Digitalarkivet (Censuses, etc.)

    Flakstad Genealogical Research (In Norwegian)

    Ellis Island Immigrant Records

    Genealogy / Slekt in Troms, Norway - Excellent resource

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